Individual guidance involves learning skills and tools to help manage the stress of life, finding proper perspective and expression, and building communication skills to help with relationships. Less therapy, more action.

I offer individual therapy for teens and young adults who have been diagnosed or labled with Borderline Personality Disorder. I have developed a comprehensive approach that incorporated DBT skills, movement, meditation, hypnotherapy, self hypnosis, and many other tools to help with behaviors that have become challenging. Contact me for more information and consultation. 


Groups are offered continuously, as they can be put together with participants but close quickly as it becomes established. Groups offer a whole lot of support and wisdom and are more affordable yet not less valuble!

Please contact me if you are interested in these or any other group you may want to see developed.

Mindfulness and Resilence Training for teenage girls ages 13-18
LGBT+ teens/adults

Mindfulness and resilience training every girl needs. 

DBT, CBT, self hypnosis, shamanic healing are just some of the tools we will use and teach for self discovery, esteem, control and awareness. We will take on the stressful challenges of being a teenage girl together.


Women's Well-being

Navigating the world can be challenging as a LGBT+ teen or adult.

This group would provide non-judgemental, loving support and guidance. 


Beginner Meditation

A mindful and healing approach to women's health and well-being. I integrate many psycho-spiritual tools that help us manage our daily lives focusing on self love and nurturing.



Get primed to adopt and practice meditation for the rest of your life. Rather than the struggle through the isolating journey of learning to meditate, this workshop starts out with guided meditation that actually readies you for a lifelong practice on your own. Contact me to set up an individual or group time, this workshop can take place in a home or office. 

Veterans and non veterans suffer from various types and levels of PTSD, 

There are many tools that can be shared in a group setting when coping with PTSD. Working and sharing together, the group members can establish or re establish trusting relationships and safe environments to heal in. 


Please note that per retaining my services, you concur and understand that we have a 24 hour notice of cancellation policy. Please understand that otherwise a full rate for your missed appointment may be charged, if I don't get the proper notice.