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Comprehensive training to promote and integrate stress-management skills in the workplace and wellness for employees. Self-care skills and techniques included in the core teaching program include the following:


Yoga/Tai Chi/Gentle Movement practices. Various methods of movement are taught to unlock, move and release energy as a result of sitting at a desk.

Mindfulness practices.  Various methods to promote awareness are taught, such as, progressive muscle relaxation, self-hypnosis, body scan, conscious breathing, mindful movement, and guided meditation.

Stress management and resiliency techniques. Participants learn NLP and DBT strategies such as cognitive restructuring to adapt to stressful situations and to recognize and change negative thoughts and behaviors.

Effective communication and time management skills. Participants learn to communicate assertively and effectively manage their time.

Guidelines for leading a physically active life. Participants learn principles of biomechanics, mindful exercise and how to incorporate appropriate physical movement into their lives.

Healthy eating. Participants learn how to integrate healthy eating into a busy lifestyle to improve health, energy level and mood.









Work Stress


  • at too low a level inhibits job growth, productivity and compounds health problems.

  • at too high a level contributes to diminished job performance, reduced efficiency, and compounds health problems.

  • at optimal levels promote job productivity and employee well-being and health.

Business participants and environment can be effectively monitored and regulated to maintain optimal levels with mindfulness skills. I've worked with Applewood Plumbing, Aurora and Cherry Creek Public Schools, and City of Greenwood Village.  Currently I am working with Tri-County Health Department and RTD.


My goal is to assist companies in achieving a reduction in stress in both the work environment and it's employees.

  • evaluation and assesment  of individual and group needs at the work site.

  • individual and group stress-reduction interventions at the work site.

  • follow-up services at the work site. 


In addition to the immediate benefits of interventions, we will make assessments from ithe nformation we gather during introductory and intervention services, and can then recommend more intensive training programs and formats for program delivery that fit a companies individual needs.



  • Full to 1/2 day workshops at your work site.

  • 4 to 10 week 1 - 2 hour workshops at your work site.

  • Executive retreats at locations near your business or far.

  • Custom-designed programs tailored to each companies unique needs.

  • Prices start at $100 an hour





Please note that per retaining my services, you concur and understand that we have a 24 hour notice of cancellation policy. Please understand that otherwise a full rate for your missed appointment may be charged, if I don't get the proper notice.